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Introducing SwapRig Holsters' Newest Holsters
The CargoPack Holster
The CargoPack2 Holster

"Two Perfect Back-Up Gun Holsters"

Having trouble finding a comfortable/concealed carry in the summer when you are wearing a T-shirt and shorts?
The CargoPack and CargoPack2 is your answer!
Designed to stay upright in your cargo pocket and not flop over. The CargoPack & CargoPack2 keeps your gun oriented in the correct draw position all the time. Even when driving!
The CargoPack & CargoPack2 are completely ambidextrous, flexible, & by moving the "pinch pin" around you can find a good fit for just about any gun that will fit in a cargo pocket.
The CargoPack holster is specifically designed for cargo pocket carry. The CargoPack2 holster is designed to adjust & will adjust from 6 3/4 inches to 5 1/2 inches wide. Both holsters can be carried comfortably and securely in any cargo pocket.
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CargoPack2 Holster CargoPack Holster
The Perfect ADJUSTABLE Back-Up Gun Holster

The CargoPack2 has all of the great features of the original CargoPack & also has the added feature of adjustable width!

You can adjust the width of the CargoPack2 from
5 1/2 wide to 6 3/4 inches wide. This adjustable width will allow for even the smallest cargo pocket & then adjust back to the largest cargo pocket!
If you need your back-up gun,
would you rather reach for your ankle or your cargo pocket?
The Perfect Back-Up Gun Holster

For 5.11 Brand Cargo Pants
Please Order The CargoPack2 Holster
If you need your back-up gun,
would you rather reach for your ankle or your cargo pocket?

  • Specifically designed for the cargo pocket in pants or shorts
  • Wide Design keeps the gun upright in the pocket
  • Gun won't flop over in pocket
  • Keeps gun in draw position even when seated in the car
  • Totaly ambidextrous
  • Movable "pinch pin" to adjust retention
  • Will holster any auto or revolver that fits in a cargo pocket

    The CargoPack is 6 3/4 inches wide and will fit most cargo pockets.
    The Perfect Back-Up Gun Holster

    Proudly Made in the USA

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