SwapRig IWB and OWB hybrid holsters

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XtraMag Pocket Magazine Carrier w/Black Clip The Flanker Shoulder Holster Rig WITHOUT Mag Carrier
Our Price: $15.50
Our Price: $134.95
XtraMag Pocket Magazine Carrier The Flanker Shoulder Holster WITHOUT Mag Carrier
The XtraMag Pocket Magazine Carrier w/Black Clip
So many people don't carry a spare magazine for one simple reason "IT'S SO DANG UNCOMFORTABLE". Well SwapRig Holsters has solved that problem. The XtraMag Pocket Magazine Carrier is the most comfortable way to carry a spare magazine that is totally concealed without a cover garment. Even better than that the XtraMag is also a simplified loading system for your quick, efficient reload. No need to fumble for the magazine that you dropped in your pocket or that "digging into your side" belt mag carrier we have all tried to make work.
        The Flanker NoMag Shoulder Holster

        This is the complete holster and includes the shoulder holster WITHOUT the mag carrier.
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        Proudly Made in the USA

Revolution IWB/OWB Holster Rig FPD Front Pocket Defender
Our Price: $79.95

Our Price: $39.75
Revolution IWB & OWB Belt Holster FPD Holster
The Revoultion
IWB & On The Belt Holster

  • Our most popular holster
  • IWB or "On the belt" carry on any given day you choose
  • IWB belt clips are removable for "on the belt" carry
  • Quickly convert from IWB to belt carry in less that 1 minute
  • Mid-size provides superior comfort and gun weight balance
  • Can holster any gun size and all 250+ SwapSkin models
  • Fully adjustable for depth and cant in IWB mode

Proudly Made in the USA

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CargoPack2 - The Perfect Adjustable Summer Carry & Back-Up Gun Holster - - The Holster Built for Your Cargo Pants or Shorts Talon Appendix Carry IWB Holster Rig
Our Price: $39.75

Our Price: $74.95
CargoPack2 Holster Talon Appendix IWB Holster
The Perfect ADJUSTABLE Back-Up Gun Holster

The CargoPack2 has all of the great features of the original CargoPack & also has the added feature of adjustable width!

You can adjust the width of the CargoPack2 from
5 1/2 wide to 6 3/4 inches wide. This adjustable width will allow for even the smallest cargo pocket & then adjust back to the largest cargo pocket!
If you need your back-up gun,
would you rather reach for your ankle or your cargo pocket?
The Talon Appendix Carry Holster
The Talon Appendix IWB holster is very compact. This is a tough nut to crack! Appendix holsters can be uncomfortable. The Talon holster has a botom "Lobe". This lobe creates a smooth bend that makes for a blended transition from the bottom of the holster to the leg area. The Talon holster also has a tail that wraps around the side to also create a smooth transition. The Talon holster is tuckable. The Talon is hand made with premium quality leather and constructed to last a lifetime. The SwapSkins are constructed of .060 heavy KYDEX. Like all SwapRig holsters the Talon Chassis accepts every model SwapSkin. The Talon is available in right or left hand models. The Talon is available in Horse hide Natural Russet color, & Cow hide in Coyote Tan and Bison Brown, & Shadow Black finish.

Proudly Made in the USA

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