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A portion of every holster sale is donated to The Nazarene Fund (Details Below)

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Donate to the Nazarene Fund



Your support of The Nazarene Fund is used to resettle Christian families who have been displaced by conflict in the Middle East, primarily at the hands of ISIS. The Nazarene sign is used by ISIS to symbolize death—we use it to symbolize life.

This campaign, also known as “Never Again is Now,” is our attempt to break the silence the world is keeping about religious genocide. During World War II, the world turned a blind eye to the annihilation of Jews for their religious beliefs, and now Christians are being persecuted by ISIS for their faith in Jesus Christ. Dietrich Bonhoeffer once said, “Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” Taking a stand, Mercury One launched the Nazarene Fund in late August 2015 with the challenge to raise $10 by Christmas. Generous donors helped the fund reach $13 million by December, and over 140 Christians have successfully been evacuated from Iraq to Slovakia. We are so grateful to Slovakia for their hospitality.

The process begins when Christian refugees are recommended by local Christian leaders and verified by a process more rigorous than international standards to reach refugee status in our program. The costs associated with evacuation also include language and skills/job training for the refugees prior to leaving. This also includes providing some financial assistance to that family for a year after relocation. We budget approximately $25,000 to evacuate a family of five.

Funds also are required for some necessary infrastructure improvements in the receiving countries and general logistical and administrative support for families in the evacuating countries provided in installments through the first year of their resettlement. Should it become impossible or impractical to resettle families, the contributions will be used to provide additional humanitarian support where they are forced to stay.


1 SEEK and support those things that are true, uplifting and unifying.

2 STAND with out fear for the right of conscience by renewing ourselves.

3 DECLARE that all lives matter and political correctness is destroying truth.

4 BRIDGE the gap as we serve and comfort others in non-violence.

5 UNITE despite all attempts of the world to divide us along lines of Race, political and religious affiliation, or sexual orientation.


Has Mercury One reached the $10 million goal?
Yes! On August 28th, 2015, thousands of Americans stood united to declare “Never Again Is Now” in Birmingham, Alabama. During Restoring Unity, launched the Nazarene Fund, along with a challenge to raise $10 million before Christmas to rescue 400 Christian families from the terror and persecution by ISIS. Due to Mercury One’s faithful donors, we were able to raise $10 million in two months, reaching $13 million in December. The sacrifices our donors have made to give to the Nazarene Fund is astonishing and humbling. We are grateful to the donors who continue to contribute to the Nazarene Fund, as the work has just begun and the needs are continuously increasing.

Why did Slovakia accept the Christians?
Slovakia accepted the Christians because they wanted to help with the crisis; but, more importantly, they are predominately a Christian country. We are grateful for their graciousness and compassion. We can’t thank them enough for opening their arms and hearts to the Christian refugees. If you would like to thank the Slovakian government with us, please write your letter at

How are the 149 Christians doing in Slovakia?
They are currently adjusting to their new lives, as the first wave of families are settling in their new homes. The Christian refugees have worked hard to learn Slovak, the official language of Slovakia. The adults have gone through training to learn the job market and particular skills that will help them succeed. We are also working with the local government to ensure that the refugee children will be able to attend school and have a successful integration.

Will the remaining camp join them?
It is our intention that, if possible, they can all be in the same community. We are hopeful!

Are there other countries interested in accepting the Christian refugees?
Yes, Mercury One is currently meeting with government officials in various countries. We are also currently meeting with officials in Washington, D.C. Please continue to pray that countries will be receptive.

Why is the United States not accepting the Christian refugees?
Many supporters have reached out about sponsoring a family here in America. Unfortunately, at this time the U.S. State Department is not allowing the persecuted Christians to seek asylum in the United States. Mercury One has spoken out about this issue, and those looking to take action should go here to find further information regarding the current regulations and what Mercury One is asking supporters to do. The purpose of this material is to educate and inspire. We encourage you to share it with those who may be interested in learning more about our Never Again Is Now mission and the Nazarene Fund.

What is the difference between refugee and asylum status?
The difference between a refugee and those seeking asylum status is that asylum provides the full rights of a citizen. Slovakia officially gave the 149 Christians asylum status and we are excited for their commitment to help them.

How much does it cost to rescue a family? What will the money be used for?
The cost to rescue a family of five is $25,000; this also includes providing some financial assistance to help that family for a year. Donations to the Nazarene Fund will be used to resettle Christian families who have been displaced by the conflict in the Middle East, primarily by the hands of ISIS.

How can I help? What can I do here in America?
You can take action by praying for the families that have started their new life in Slovakia and those who are still in Iraq and other countries needing our assistance. Pray for safety and that God would provide us a way to get them out, that even the coldest of hearts will be softened and countries will open their arms to the Christian refugees. You can also take action by donating to the Nazarene Fund. When Mercury One says that 100% of your donation goes toward the Nazarene Fund, we mean it. Mercury One’s staff and operations are completely funded through our General Fund. All donations raised go toward removing the families and helping them start their new journey in life.

Where can I donate?
You can donate by clicking here. Or, you can mail your donation to:

Mercury One
P.O. 140489
Irving, TX 75014