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Glock 42 (380)
Remington R51 & R51 w/Crinson Trace Laserguard LG-494 <> S&W M&P Bodyguard 380 (no laser)

Charter Arms Pitbull 9mm & Pitbull .40 Cal <> Charter Arms Bulldog <> Boberg XR9-L & XR9-S <> Boberg XR45-L & XR45-S
Chiappa Rhino 20DS & 40DS & 50DS <> Diamondback DB380 & DB9
<> Springfield XDs 4.0 <> SCCY 9mm
Also Added <> Crimson Trace CRM-202 Rail Master Light

Gun Tests
Tested the SwapRig Revolution Holster and gave it
Gun Test Grade: "A" and a "Best Buy"! (August 2013 Issue)

SwapRig Holster Styles

Revolution IWB/Belt Holster Rig SwapSkins SwapTuck IWB Complete Holster Rig
Revolution IWB/Belt Holster Rig
Our Price: $69.95

Our Price: $18.75
SwapTuck IWB Holster Rig
Our Price: $69.95

CargoPack Holster How SwapRig Works MiniSwap IWB & OWB Holster
MiniSwap IWB & OWB Holster Rig
Our Price: $65.95


The SwapTuck, Revolution, & MiniSwap Holsters are Now Available in

Horse Hide!

Please Call 513-348-5017 Monday - Saturday 8 AM - 8 PM (EST)

For Phone Orders or If You Have Any Questions!

Please see the holster REVIEWS at the bottom of each product page!


Coming soon:

  • The NoJack© - Car & Truck Mounted SwapRig Holster

  • The AnyMag© - Universal Magazine Carrier